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Goji bogyó

PREMIUM dietary supplement capsules

to establish daily health!
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Free delivery above 15.000 Ft in Hungary

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Free delivery above 15.000 Ft in Hungary

Ship in-stock products within 48 hours

30-day product replacement warranity

Black Garlic

antibacterial and antifungal effects!
Black garlic is a ripened type of onion made from traditional garlic, for which fresh garlic is subjected to a specific process. Its specialty lies in its taste and nutritional value compared to the well-known garlic. In terms of its nutrient value, it is a richer and has a more beneficial effect on our health.

Black garlic based products

Medicinal mushroom

health prevention at the highest level!

Medicinal mushrooms have been in the focus in Eastern medicine for centuries as they are rich in valuable materials. They provide normal body and effective immune system functioning. They protect, relieve and detoxify and help their users in a natural way regardless of age and gender.

Medicinal mushroom based products


directly from nature!

Herbs existed even in ancient cultures and were used as herbal concoctions and in concentrated consistency primarily for health prevention and medical purposes. Due to their nutrient contents and favourable physiological effects, they are also popular in the 21st century because these herbs are fantastic creatures by nature for the human.

Herb based products

Goji berry, Milk Thistle, Spirulina, Ginseng, Fenugreek

unique herbs from nature. They prevent, maintain and provide healthy organs, balanced mood and health.

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Vitamed összetevők

About Us

The aim of VitaMed is to contribute to the maintenance of health so that our product portfolio covers classic pill and capsule-based dietary supplements.

During the creation of our products, taking our future customers’ needs into consideration has paramount importance; therefore the nutrient content and the shape of our products have undergone changes lately and will change in the future, as well.

We dedicated our expertise in healthcare; we do not hesitate to use such natural ingredients as medicinal mushrooms, herbs or the well-known black garlic. Regarding our products, you will get what you see. Our marketed dietary supplements are able to compete in all fields of life and targets. We highly recommend you to browse our online store or our informative summaries.

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