Rólunk Vitamed

About Us

During the establishment of NutriMed Étrendkiegészítő Kft., we strived to combine previous experiences to create premium products for our customers with the most excellent ingredients. On one hand, our colleagues have research experience of 16 years in food industry including economic, technological, laboratory and analytical areas. Our aim was to use this experience in a business where we can satisfy customers’ demand. In addition to this experience, we are convinced that natural environment around us and well-known (novelty herbs in Hungary that have been used in other cultures for a long time) herbs are the bases of maintaining health.

In this perspective, we created VitaMed premium dietary supplement product family with high-concentrated active substance including exclusively active substance extract. Premium category is reflected in both the nutrient content of the products and packaging.

Innovation has been in paramount importance from the beginning. Our tailored development for dietary supplement was able to grab a prize in both business and research areas, in the latter; our products were successful at an international competition in Europe.

We sincerely hope that we will be able to gain confidence as a Hungarian brand and more and more people will recognise VitaMed when they intend to maintain health by the use of premium dietary supplement products.

Dr. habil Zsolt Polereczki

Founder – General Manager